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The Art of Leadership – Toronto
Special Offer - Save Up To $100

We’re excited to announce that The Art of Leadership will be returning to Toronto on November 19th, 2018.

The Art of Leadership brings together the most respected names in thought leadership in an environment that inspires action. From world leaders, business icons, bestselling authors, academics and more, these powerful role models share their personal stories while shining a humanistic lens on many of the narratives and issues confronting leadership today.

Register using promo code CIM33 and save $50 per pass. Save an additional $50 per pass when buy 5 or more.

Alan Mulally
Ram Charan
Whitney Johnson
Morten Hansen
Jacqueline Carter

Special Offer - Save Up To $100

Register using promo code CIM33 and save $50 per pass.

Save an additional $50 per pass when you buy 5 or more.


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